The American Iris Society Region 4

Display Gardens

One of the nicest aspects of growing irises is being able to share their beauty with others and to encourage others to grow irises. Several sections within The American Iris Society do just that by asking their members to open their gardens to the public during bloom season. Below is a list of Region 4 private gardeners who have graciously allow viewers into their gardens.
Also included are public gardens and historical sites where you may see irises in bloom. It is advised that the common courtesies outlined below be observed when visiting these private gardens:

Private gardens are best seen by appointment.
Please phone in advance for directions and make a mutually acceptable appointment for viewing the gardens. Remember that Mother Nature does not always agree with our posted bloom times!
It is best to call ahead! Arrive promptly for your garden tour.
Please do not touch or pick the flowers! Some of the gardeners are iris hybridizers. They need the blooms for this purpose and you could upset their hybridizing efforts by touching or picking flowers they need to make crosses.
PLEASE - NO uncontrollable children or pets. Many gardeners have rare and expensive plants that could be damaged by children or pets.
Lastly, and most importantly... Please remember that you are a guest. These gardeners are extending themselves and their gardens for your benefit. They do this freely on a volunteer basis.
Have Fun! Ask questions! nbsp; Please...Leave the garden as you found it!
Unless a bit of weeding... ;)